Life is filled with wonder, especially for a preschooler!


Reading:  We use a fun and effective phonics program and quality literature for storytime.

Math:  We use hands-on activities and games to teach number sense and recognition, counting, number writing, patterns, 

and simple addition & subtraction.

In our classroom,

 students learn how to get along with others, connect, and regulate their emotions.  They also learn it's fun to be helpful!  Kindness and respect are modeled and encouraged.  

We offer yoga for children, games, and outdoor play to build large motor skills and promote good health.  

We also teach life skills such as food prep, pouring, sweeping, washing windows, watering plants, etc.

This builds confidence.  

Art is an important part

of our curriculum.  It is valuable for learning processes, developing fine motor skills, expressing creativity, and enjoying beauty.  Many of our projects will be inspired by nature. 

Music is a highly effective tool for learning. We use

fun songs, movement, and games to promote learning and joy!

Young children are curious and ready to learn about the wonders of the world.  We use sensory learning, thematic units, and nature exploration to make learning interesting, fun, and delightful.

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